Fresh Cranberry Sauce

This ain’t nothing like the canned stuff, that’s for sure. This fresh sauce is gold. I love this stuff all by it’s self- just give me a spoon.

Just think about it…how many times over the years has the cranberry sauce been a last minute purchase or better yet forgotten?! So you should go ahead and make this ahead of time for Thanksgiving!!


Cranberry sauce
1- 12oz bag of fresh cranberries
1 cup of orange juice
1 cup of sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 T butter

Rinse & pick through berries; toss out any bad ones.
In a 2 quart pot add in all ingredients, stir well. Butter will help reduce the foaming/prevent overflow. Put pot on a low/med heat with a lid for 10mins. Just until berries pop. Then remove lid & Mixture will reduce a bit & begin to thicken. Let berry mixture simmer at a low boil for 20-30 mins. Stirring often.
Remove from heat to cool down, then store in your preferred container.
Sauce will continue to thicken as it cools.
I actually stored mine in a zip lock this time. Saving room in the fridge.

Note: You can store in a canning jar. Just pack sauce while hot to seal & preserve sauce.


The Novice Chef » Date, Walnut & Blue Cheese Log

I read this Cheese log recipe last week and it looked divine.

So I decided to make it for Easter this past weekend…

It was so delish. If you love Blue Cheese you will LOVE!!!

The Novice Chef » Date, Walnut & Blue Cheese Log.

Pot Roast

I am always thrilled when a roast comes out perfect!!! Shockingly, I have yet to really pay much attention to the cut of meat. This is key to the perfect roast?!?! But, I do remember where this roast sat in the meat case. And this roast was a winner, it was perfect & tender.  So I will catch the name next time I go, and I will also post an other version of pot roast 😉  I know this much, you want a good marble of fat throughout the roast.

Since I am only cooking for myself, I cut this roast in half and froze the rest for an other meal. In the eight years of living single, with the occasional roommate actually partaking in a meal here and there. I am just now learning how to cook small meals. haha you may be thinking how is hard to cook small meals. Well, when you come from a family of eight, you learn to cook in mass quantities. It has come in handy many times.

Any how here is why your even here in the first place…. THE RECIPE!!

photo 1[3]

This is what you will need:

1 roast (rump roast, pot roast, chuck roast)

5 Tablespoons of each Salt, pepper, garlic powder (store in a container you may not use it all)

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

5-6 carrots

1/3 of a bell pepper

4-5 med potatoes

2-3cups beef broth (homemade bone broth is best; will post recipe soon)

Wash and chop veggies. Toss veggies in a dutch oven or deep baking dish, pour broth over veggies. Mix the spices & Dust all sides of the roast. Nest the roast in with the veggies and cover. Set oven @300 & bake for 3-4hours for a small roast. 4-5hours for a larger roast.




Oh Dear

My oh my where has the time gone… i have not posted in a month, I am so sorry.

I do have a few posts that I am going to post later this week.

Pot Roast with veggies (that’s what’s for dinner tonight)

Juicing recipes

 Who knows what else I might Whip up this week!!

It’s Magic…oh it’s just Frosting!!

I just started follow Mel has tons & tons of great Recipes!!! Can’t wait to try more recipes. TODAY’s post is a Cinnamon Swirl Bread and from the pics it looks so PERFECT & DELISH!!!

So this is the actual frosting recipe that I tried out on the King Cake yesterday. AMAZING!!!
Make sure you read the whole recipe through, lots of important details but so worth it. I split the recipe in half (which was very easy) because the recipe makes 4 cups total.

I was very pleased with the frosting & loved that it was not too sweet. You know sometimes frosting can just be so sweet & you really can’t enjoy it like you should.

This frosting is not only enjoyable, (you’re going to love it) but it is also highly DANGEROUS!!
It is so light & fluffy … it was DREAMY!!!!

King Cake Love

King Cake Love… It’s Valentine’s Day, so why not, right!?!?


For those of you wondering “what in thee world is KING CAKE” its a Louisiana thing. It’s a Mardi Gras thing!  It’s goodness. Just like a big ‘ole Cinnamon roll.

For a full explanation & history here is a link to Wikipedia:

You can use any sweet dough recipe, you know one you would use for cinnamon rolls.

I make the dough in the Bread Machine on the dough setting.

12oz can of Milk
1/2 stick of softened butter
2 egg yolk
3/4 c sugar
1 tsp pure Vanilla
1 tsp salt
4 c flour
1 T yeast

Put all ingredients in the bread pan in this order, the Flour should always be 2nd to last and then the yeast. Make sure its set to the Dough setting & start. This should take about 1.5hrs. Sometimes I even preset it the night before, that way the dough is ready when I wake up.

Prep a cookie sheet for the king cake. I put foil over the pan and spray. Makes for easy clean up later.

On a clean surface with some flour,  roll out 1/2 the dough. You want it to be long (not so wide) and skinny.  Add 1/3 cup of Brown Sugar and 2 tsp of cinnamon. Spread it around and then roll up, kinda like a cinnamon roll. I always press it together with the rolling pin again. And roll it up again,  at this point you will want to use your hands to kinda help squeeze the dough together & stretch it longways a bit. It should look sort like a snake haha anyway’s set it in a half circle on your prepped pan. Repeat. Connect the dough & Let rise for 20mins while your oven is warming up to 375degrees. bake in the oven for 25-30 mins. Throw some ice in the bottom of your oven or put a small pan (like a loaf pan) of water on the bottom shelf  (put the pan in when you start to heat the oven) this create steam while baking.

Let cool for a few hours, if not your frosting will melt. You can top with your favorite Icing & Sugar sprinkles. 🙂  ( I’ll post a frosting recipe soon, I have to get measurements for ya 1st haha)

It’s was so yummy!!!